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8 MILLION Fans & Counting  :)

Tickets are now on sale for our UK  SORRY BRO book tour!!

Sorry Bro UK Book Tour

A message from me...

Wow I don’t know how to start this off… Another month, another million? The support is incredible, the fact that each one of the 8 million likes is an individual makes me feel funny inside…

Check this out/ the Wembley stadium can seat 90 thousand people… 7 million people need 77.7 Wembley stadiums

What makes me more excited is you awesome peeps clearly love the content and enjoy watching the videos… You follow our life 3 minutes at the time weekly.

So what’s happened in the last million since 6? And what’s the plans for 7/8

1. I’m writing a book due to be in your hands end of this year ready for Christmas

2. The cinema tour (movie) has been launched and we will be touring the whole U.K. And making appearances in US/AUS

3. Elliot has better health care and insurance

4. My personal aim is to upload min 3/4 vids a week through too 10 million…. Yes I said 10 million.

5. Ben and Elliot are going to be cartoons under a major network.

6. KEEP SMILING is now a production company! I want to make films for the world to watch! Much like Adam Sandler films

And a lot more! I don’t want to drop too many spoilers… Overall thanks! Much love and remember no matter how bad your year/week/day/hour has been:

“It could be worse you could be Elliot” and



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