We made a book!

So recently my bro Elliot’s been learning to read, and it gave me the idea that I should write up our story… also, that way, he can relive everything I’ve put him through.

This is my book!

It’s a journey filled with laughter (mine), tears (Elliot’s) and even romance (hello, Georgina!), and goes from a childhood in sunny Bridgend to ten million followers across the world.

There’s also exclusive pranks, spitball targets (of Elliot’s face, obviously), comic strips, guides to creating your own videos and much more.

Now, if you’re sitting comfortably, follow me into my wonderful world and Elliot’s journey… Sorry Bro!

The Truth behind the black tooth!!

“It was a lovely gorgeous evening in Porthcawl south wales, when I decided to go down to Porthcawl to get an ice-cream a raspberry ripple…

Picture this, a gorgeous sunset with the breeze brushing through your hair, the smell of sand and the smell of fish and chips… and at that moment when I looked into the sky, I hear a QWAARR!!

Ever since I have been scared of the little shits! Big white gorgeous bird prey, but on that day I did not realise I was the prey, and that was the predator in the sky and it just swoops down and hits me square in the bloody tooth!

Ever since then, they have called me captain black tooth I have not been ashamed of it, but I have been very pissed off about it”.

8 million and counting

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I overdosed my bro on viagra! PRANK!

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